#AN230303SU – Camera Line of Sight Cones on Maps Reset After Upgrade to 7.1.X – 7.2.X or Storage Pool Migration

Title: Camera Line of Sight Cones on Maps Reset After Upgrade to 7.1.X – 7.2.X or Storage Pool Migration

Date: 3/3/2023


After upgrading from the CompleteView versions listed below to 7.1.X or 7.2.X, user-configured camera line of sight cones on either satellite or image-based maps revert to their default state and must be reconfigured by the user to the desired orientation, field of view, and distance.

Affects CompleteView Versions:

  • 6.1.2
  • 6.1.3
  • 6.1.4
  • 7.0.0

Issue Summary:

After successfully upgrading CompleteView to versions 7.1.X or 7.2.X from one of the versions listed above, user-defined map cones, which indicate camera orientation, field of view, etc., revert to their default state and need to be reconfigured by the user. The issue also arises if a 7.X deployment migrates from Volumes to Storage Pools.

The issue manifests immediately if either a migration to Storage Pools has taken place or the Recording Server was updated with a .bin file push. If the update was performed with the .exe installer file, the issue will manifest after that particular Recording Server’s node is selected in the navigation pane.

Issue Workaround:

The camera cones must be manually reconfigured to the desired state.

Vulnerable Products: CompleteView 7.1.X – 7.2.X Unaffected Products: Earlier versions of CompleteView

Pending Resolution: Salient is investigating an automated process to address the issue for 7.1.X-7.2.X customers who have not yet upgraded. Upcoming 7.3 installers will migrate users’ settings automatically.

In addition, if a backup of the 7.0.0 database has been made before the upgrade to 7.1.X – 7.2.X, it may be possible to remedy the issue without requiring manually reconfiguring the map cones. Contact Salient support for assistance.

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