#AN230627SU – Video Being Deleted from Regular Storage prior to 24 Hour Retention Minimum

Title: Video Being Deleted from Regular Storage prior to 24 Hour Retention Minimum
Date: 6/27/2023

Description: After upgrading CompleteView Recording Server to version 7.2.0 – 7.3.0 on systems utilizing local volumes for Storage Pools, video from some cameras configured with pre-motion recording is being prematurely deleted from Regular Storage, violating normal 24- hour FIFO deletion protocols.

Issue Summary:
When calculating video file sizes against available storage, CompleteView is erroneously factoring in data associated with pre-motion video recordings for cameras configured to use that feature. That extra pre-motion video data is causing CompleteView to overestimate the amount of Regular Storage space that both has been and will be consumed. Consequently, CompleteView may unnecessarily delete video from Regular Storage to free up space for the artificially large amount of data it thinks will be written.

Issue Workaround: Daily resync of all Regular Storage pool drives.

Vulnerable Products: 7.2.0 – 7.3.0 Recording Servers utilizing Storage Pools and cameras
scheduled for pre-motion with a pre-motion recording time greater than 0.

Unaffected Products: Earlier versions of CompleteView and Recording Servers utilizing Volumes for storage.

Pending Resolution: Salient is aware of this issue and is working on a software patch to address it.

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