CompleteView v7 Migration Guide

Pre-Migration Checklist

The following items should be verified as completed prior to installation of CompleteView version 7.1. If you would like to discuss migration strategy with a Salient design engineer, please e-mail Management Server minimum software and hardware requirements:

Important Note: Migration to version 7.1.X or higher is supported from versions 6.1.2, 6.1.3, or 6.1.4, and the following instructions apply to all those versions and are interchangeable for the purposes of this documentation. Wherever 7.1 or 7.1.X is referenced, it is safe to presume that that information applies to higher versions, as well.

Microsoft Windows 10/ Server 2016/ Server 2019
SQL Express 2014, 2016, 2019 (included with installer)
Microsoft .NET Runtime 5.0.12 x64
Microsoft DirectX 9.0
ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server (included with installer)

Intel Core i3 Processor
8GB (Gigabytes) of system memory
10/100/100 Ethernet Controller

    1. Obtain 7.1 and Storage Pool feature keys (included with 7.1)
      1. Run License Distribution Utility (LDU) and provide file to
        1. For 10 or fewer Recording Servers, use of the LDU may not be necessary, and
          each may be handled individually.
        2. For 10 or more Recording Servers, the LDU is recommended for ease of use.
      2. Distribute feature keys received from Salient Licensing to Recording Servers
    2. Obtain 7.1 installation files from
      1. ManagementServer.exe
      2. DesktopClient.exe
      3. RecordingServer.bin (recommended for push updates) or
      4. RecordingServer.exe (for use with manual updates
    3. Determine deployment path
      1. Direct
      2. Phased
    4. Identify if current Management Server is using SQLite or SQL Server
      1. If running SQL Server, record the instance name
        1. Run the Database Migration Utility (included in Management Server installer)
        2. Deployments with password protected SQLite databases cannot be migrated
          to 7.1
        3. If running SQLite with no password, the Database Migration Utility must be
          run on the system hosting the Management Server

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