Current Software Version

CompleteView v6.1.2

If upgrading from a properly licensed CompleteView v6.1.0 or v6.1.1 recorder, a new feature key is not needed. If updating a recorder from version v6.0 a feature key will be required. Please contact for assistance with a v6.1 feature key.

Please read ‘CV v6.1.2 Documentation’ before installation. Important installation procedures are included.

CV v6.1.2 Management Server

CV v6.1.2 Recording Server

CV v6.1.2 Desktop Client

CV v6.1.2 Documentation

CV Video Player

CV Web Client


  • For Management Server (supported on Win 10, 2012 R2, Server 2016 and Server 2019): .NET 4.7.2, SQLite or SQL Express 2014, Minimum supported resolution: 1366×768
  • For Desktop Client (supported on Win 10 and up): .NET 4.7.2, Minimum supported resolution: 1366×768
  • For Recording Server (supported on Win 10, 2012 R2, and Server 2016): .NET 4.7.2 

Add Ons

LPRTracker Software

Supported Mature Software

TransactionTracker Software

ViewPoint Software