CompleteView Known Issues

CompleteView v7.1.1 Known Issues

Updated: October 27, 2022

The following 6.X features are currently not supported

  • N+1 Recording Server failover
  • Management Server database failover
  • Export storage with storage pools
  • The ability to convert a storage pool drive to read-only
  • Right-click option to rename custom views and maps
  • Virtual cameras
  • Ability to use hidden file paths for storage
  • Ability to disable a camera on a storage pool
  • Ability to copy/move cameras between Recording Servers
  • Ability to navigate the left tree using keys
  • Ability to search video recorded on external NVRs from the Dashboard module

Other known issues

  • QuickTrack camera appears offline and does not display the default image but otherwise works as expected
  • Dragging an entire Recording Server node onto a view does not update the camera images in the tiles until the page is refreshed
  • Upgrading SQLite databases that were encrypted with a password is not currently supported
  • QuickTrack currently does not work while using Cloud Remote Access
  • Digital PTZ and zoom do not function in certain cases in Live View and Configure modules until the tile is resized