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Technical Certification Course Summary

  • Participants will join the course from their homes or office via Zoom. Each participant will use TeamViewer to connect to a server with MS™ Server 2019 installed.
  • The instructor will direct the participants through a comprehensive hands-on learning process to configure CompleteView Video Management Systems.
  • Participants will install CompleteView Software and add & configure Recording Servers with Storage, Cameras and their configuration options, Recording Schedules, add Video Views, Maps with Video, Web Views, and User settings/Group Permissions for VMS (local) and Active Directory Users.
  • Participants can download  a comprehensive student guide and  job aids.
  • The course concludes with a practical lab that must be passed successfully to earn certification. Certifications are currently valid for two years. The above summary is not all-inclusive.


  • Participants’ computers must have the full version of TeamViewer installed before the class begins to participate in a training course.
  • Participants’ computers must also have two (2) functioning video displays connected to the computers used for the training course.

Training FAQs

All training courses are in virtual classrooms, listed by time zone Eastern, Central, and Mountain. We strongly encourage enrollment close to a pending Salient CompleteView project so the learning can be applied almost immediately after completing the course.

  • The Essentials Courses are 2-days long; the cost per individual for the Essentials Course is $850.00.
  • Recommended display resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Participation may be from any Internet-enabled location that is quiet and disturbance-free

To Enroll in a Course

Salient Training employs a self-enrollment portal; you may go to the link at the bottom of this message to review and enroll in one of the currently available courses. Participants will receive, upon enrollment, a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting information.

Payment is Exclusively by Credit Card

We accept Visa, Master Card, or Discover for payment when registering. Although the American Express logo is visible on the payment screens, American Express does not work with the registration system. The payment system does not accept purchase orders.Links to the Manager and Student enrollment process guides are listed directly above the list of courses.

Training Account Required

Each student must create an individual training account and register from that account; group registration is impossible. If you plan to register and enroll your team members, please enter their names and contact information in their accounts, not your contact information. Training records, receipts, and certifications are stored in the account.

Register for a Course

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation in your email inbox, giving you a warm welcome to the course. For any queries or support, don’t hesitate to drop us a message at training@salientsys.com or simply fill out the form, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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