#TB011718AB – Silverlight Restrictions in MacOS High Sierra

Severity: Med

Affected Products:
CompleteView Web Client – Version and newer

A recent security feature of MacOS High Sierra (10.13.x and newer) restricts Silverlight from accessing the local file system, preventing proper operation of the web client. The web client may generate the error [FileDialog_ShowDialogFailed] or similar.

Corrective Action: To resolve the issue, Safari must be configured to allow the URL for the CompleteView Web Client to use the Silverlight plug-in. To do this follow the following steps:

1. Open the Safari Preferences (under the Safari Menu)

2. Select the ‘Websites’ tab and click on the Silverlight Plug-in. Locate the URL for the CompleteView Web Client, in this case ‘demo.salientsys.com’

3. Hold the Option Key and click on the drop-down box to the right of the CompleteView Web Client and set to ‘On’. Uncheck ‘Run in Safe Mode’ setting as well.

4. Quit Safari and restart it. Attempt to log into the CompleteView Web Client again. Access to the file system should now be permitted.

Related Documentation:

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