#TB050519R02 – PowerChoice Rev.4 and GuardStationQuad Rev.6 loses boot devices after power failure in UEFI BIOS

Affected Products: Issue has been seen in Dell Optiplex 3050 based systems (PowerChoice Rev4 and GuardStationQuad Rev.6) with 8TB to 10TB hard drives.

Issue: After power loss (unplugged) or power failure, the system will attempt to boot and not locate the UEFI boot devices, including the OS drive.

Corrective Action: If the screen in the attached PDF is displayed, you can temporarily resolve the issue by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to reboot the system, Windows will load normally. To prevent this issue from reoccurring, you will need to reboot the system and tap the F2 key when the Dell Logo appears. Once in setup open “POST Behavior” and select “Extend BIOS POST time”.

Learn more by clicking the link below or downloading.

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