#TB121101SS – Axis MPEG4 Cameras Digest Authentication

Description: Upgrade to CompleteView version 4.0.0 causes old generation Axis cameras, set to MPEG4, to not connect.

Issue: When upgrading from 3.x.x to 4.0.0., old generation Axis cameras, running firmware 4.49 or later, may not connect when the recording compression is set to MPEG4.

The error: “Error starting cameras: No Reply” will appear in the Main Server GUI. This is due to a change made in CompleteView to use an alternate authentication protocol to communicate between CompleteView and the camera.

Corrective Action:
A setting change to the Network HTTP Authentication Policy, in the camera user interface, will correct this issue.

To change the Network HTTP Authentication Policy:

    1. Launch a browser and log into the camera interface.
    2. In the Setup Section, select the System Options menu.
    3. In the System Options menu, select Advanced.
    4. In the Advanced menu, select Plain Config.
    5. On the Plain Config page, select Network from the Group of Parameters dropdown and click Select Group.
    6. Locate the dropdown for Network HTTP Authentication Policy, select Basic.
    7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

CompleteView will automatically continue to attempt connection to the camera. It may take several minutes before this change will result in a successful connection of the camera, due to the cycle of automatic attempts to connect.

a. If you would like to expedite the connection process, you can restart the CompleteView Server Service.

    1. To restart the CompleteView Server Service through Admin Console:
      1. Launch Admin Console.
      2. Populate your server information.
      3. Right click on the server name, select Stop Service, and wait for the service to stop.
      4. Right click on the server name again, select Start Service, and wait for the service to start.
    1. i. To restart the CompleteView Server Service through Windows Services:
      1. Right click on My Computer, select Manage.
      2. In the Computer Management tree, select Services. This may be under Services and Applications.
      3. Locate and select the CompleteView Server Service in the right pane.
      4. Click the Restart link found in the right pane, when the service is highlighted.

9. After CompleteView successfully connects to the camera you will see a status of Started Camera in the Last event Description column in Main Server GUI.

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