#TB221104DB – Desktop Client Compatibility with 12th and 13th Gen Intel Core i Processors

Title: Desktop Client Compatibility with 12th and 13th Gen Intel Core i Processors
Date: 10/31/2022

Description: If you have installed and are running the CompleteView Desktop Application on a
computer with a 12th or 13th generation Core i processor (i3/i5/i7/i9), you may experience
display issues.

Issue Summary:
Due to changes implemented by Intel beginning with their 12th generation Core i processors
(“Alder Lake”), and including the recently released 13th generation (“Raptor Lake”), Salient
cannot recommend running CompleteView Desktop Client on systems utilizing those CPUs.

These available Intel processors utilize Intel XE integrated graphics, driving system video
display capabilities.

Salient’s CompleteView Desktop Client application leverages the integrated graphics from Intel
processors to produce its display functionality. This application also uses DirectX 9 in the
display process.

Beginning with the 12th generation Core i processors, Intel XE integrated graphics does not
natively support DirectX 9. The chip can leverage a (Microsoft) D3D9on12 mapping layer which
maps graphics commands from DX9 to DX12. However, in Salient’s extensive testing, we have
found the performance impact to the processing power of the computer is unacceptable.

Therefore, Salient is rapidly developing native support for DirectX 12, the current and latest
version of Microsoft’s DirectX software. This native support will allow our Desktop Application
to provide the best graphics performance for displaying video.

Salient is committed to releasing DirectX 12 compatibility for the Desktop Application within
our CompleteView 7.2 release, scheduled for a December, 2022 release.

Which Intel® Graphics Products Support DirectX 9* (DX9)?

DirectX D3D9On12 Mapping Layer Information (intel.com)

Vulnerable Products: CompleteView Desktop Client
Unaffected Products: Management Server, Recording Server
Pending Resolution: CompleteView version 7.2, December, 2022

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