#TB230220DB – Vivotek Camera Connectivity Issues Using CompleteView ONVIF Driver

Title: Vivotek Camera Connectivity Issues Using CompleteView ONVIF Driver Date: 2/20/2023

Description: Vivotek CC9380-HV cameras (and potentially other Vivotek models) may not allow authentication when using CompleteView’s ONVIF driver, thereby not permitting communication between the camera and CompleteView deployment. Changing the RTSP authentication type from “digest” to “basic” in the camera’s interface allows for authentication and connectivity.

Issue Summary:

Vivotek cameras running 2.2002.x.x or later firmware employ certain protocols which may have the effect of preventing Recording Servers from authenticating with them when utilizing CompleteView’s ONVIF driver. In effect, the cameras’ implementation of the RFC 2617 specification affects the underlying RTSP handshake between CompleteView and the camera.

Affected Products:

Vivotek CC9380-HV, Vivotek FE9391-EHV-V2, potentially other Vivotek cameras

Unaffected Products:

Other makes and models of ONVIF conformant cameras.

Pending Resolution:

CompleteView 7.3.1 will address the RTSP handshake configuration issue, and users will be able to revert the cameras’ configuration back to “digest” RTSP authentication, if desired.


Launch the affected camera’s interface, and browse to Network>Streaming protocols. Select the RTSP tab, and change the Authentication type from “digest” to “basic.”

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