#TB230221SU – Windows 11 Support – CompleteView

Title: Windows 11 Support – CompleteView

Date: 2/21/2023 – Updated 5/10/2023

Description:Salient does not currently support running the Recording Server or Management Server on any platform running Windows 11. The Desktop Client may be run on Windows 11 systems.

Issue Summary:
Initial tests of Windows 11 environments running CompleteView’s Recording Server and Management Server components yielded performance, functionality, and stability results that do not meet Salient’s high standards for our customers’ experience.

Affected Products:

All currently supported versions of Recording Server and Management Server

Unaffected Products:

CompleteView Web Client, CompleteView Desktop Client

Pending Resolution:

Salient is investigating the root causes of the observed deficiencies and will address them as they are identified.


Continue running CompleteView on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016/2019 until notified of new OS support by Salient.

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