#TB230406SU – NIC Teaming and CompleteView Licensing

Title: NIC Teaming and CompleteView Licensing

Date: 4/06/2023

CompleteView Recording Server license may be deactivated by refreshed dynamic MAC (Media Access Control) addresses assigned to teamed NICs (Network Interface Cards) following a system reboot, software update, etc.

Issue Summary:
CompleteView examines several system components when generating a Recording Server’s Product ID, one of which being the MAC address of the system’s NIC. Some organizations’ network environments necessitate the implementation of multiple NICs configured to work in tandem on a Recording Server, commonly referred to as NIC teaming. When multiple NICs are teamed, Windows utilizes a single MAC to logically treat them as one, nominally using the MAC of the first NIC of the team. Although infrequent, Windows may change the MAC it’s using to refer to the team after software updates, system restarts, etc. If the MAC changes after CompleteView Recording Server has read it and utilized it to generate the Product ID during installation, CompleteView will be unable to validate its licensing, and will not function.

Affected Products:
All versions of CompleteView Recording Server running on hardware with MACs resulting from NIC teaming.

Unaffected Products:
Recording Servers running on systems utilizing traditional single NIC configurations.

Pending Resolution:
See Recommendations below. Note that Salient’s licensing model will be updated in future releases to be more resilient to the scenario described in this document.

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