#TB231130SU – Recommended PERC Firmware Updates for RAID PowerProtect Servers

Title: Recommended PERC Firmware Updates for RAID PowerProtect Servers

Date: 11/30/2023

Description: System Administrators with deployed PowerProtect servers which use a PERC card for RAID implementation are strongly advised to update the RAID controller firmware.

Issue Summary:

Previous versions of the PERC firmware may cause excessive single or multibit ECC reported issues, issues at POST, and/or unplanned data unavailability related to the PERC adapter.

Affected Products:

  • PowerPro-R
  • PowerPlus
  • PowerUltra
  • PowerPlatinum

Unaffected Products:

PowerProtect hardware which does not employ a PERC card:

  • PowerChoice
  • PowerChoice-LP
  • PowerPro


First determine which PERC card is installed in the system. Use either the Device Manager within Windows or access System Setup via F12 during boot up (note that the Service Tag number is also visible in System Setup).

Next, record your Service Tag number by looking at the sticker on the back panel of the server, looking within the System Setup or iDRAC interface, or by using the command line “wmic bios get serialnumber” within Windows. The latter method is preferable as you’ll be able to copy/paste the number during the following steps.

To access the firmware:

  • Navigate to https://www.dell.com/support
  • Enter your service tag in the product identifier box
  • Click Drivers and Downloads
  • For PERC H740P / H745:
    • Locate PERC H740P/ H745 RAID Controller Firmware 51.16.0-5150
    • Download and install firmware update.
  • For PERC H840:
    • Locate PERC H840 Controller Firmware 51.16.0-5148
    • Download and install firmware update.
  • For PERC H750/H755/H755N:
    • Locate PERC H755 RAID Controller firmware version 52.21.1-5149
    • Download and install firmware update.

Learn more by clicking the link below or downloading.

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