#TB231205SU | CompleteView Web and Mobile Client Connection Failure

Title: CompleteView Web and Mobile Client Connection Failure
Date: 12/1/2023

Description: Web and mobile clients are unable to authenticate with a CompleteView 7.X deployment and are consequently unable to receive live or recorded video.

Issue Summary:
During installation and initial configuration, the CompleteView Management Server creates a self-signed security certificate which allows for authentication of remote clients (web and mobile). The certificate is valid for one year from creation. When the certificate expires, the remote clients are no longer able to authenticate with the deployment’s Recording Servers and therefore unable to receive live or recorded video. Note that this certificate is automatically created by all CompleteView deployments and is separate from any certificates created by the user, such as those used for TLS communication. Consequently, this issue affects all CompleteView 7.X+ Management Servers.

To allow remote clients to authenticate and reconnect, a new security certificate must be created. A new security certificate is created by restarting the CompleteView Management Server Windows Service after the expiration of the existing certificate.

After the service has been restarted on the Management Server, a configuration save is required on each of the deployment’s Recording Servers, done by clicking the Save to Server (disk) icon in the Configure module of the Desktop Client.

The Desktop Client authenticates in a different manner and is unaffected by the expiration of the certificate.

Affected Products:

  • CompleteView 7.X Management Server
  • CompleteView Web Client
  • CompleteView iOS Client

Unaffected Products:
CompleteView Desktop Client

As described above, restart the CompleteView Management Server Windows service after the expiration of the current certificate to generate a new one, then perform a configuration save on the deployment’s Recording Servers.
The expiration date of the current certificate can be seen via the Start menu. Search for then open “Manage computer certificates,” open the Personal folder, then Certificates. One or more certificates Issued To and Issued By “localhost” with a friendly name of “ManagementServer.TokenSigning” will be visible. Before its expiry, it’s advisable to schedule a maintenance window to restart the Management Server service and save the Recording Server configurations as soon as possible after the certificate’s expiration to minimize remote client connectivity disruption.

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