#TB240206SU: RED 3 Integrated Server Family CompleteView v7 Suitability

Title: RED3 Integrated Server Family CompleteView v7 Suitability

Date: 2/6/2024

Summary: Running all components of CompleteView v7 or newer concurrently on any of the RED3 family of integrated servers is not supported.

Issue Description:

The most robust configuration of the RED3 family of servers came equipped with 8GB of RAM, with most shipping with 4GB. At the time of their release, the servers were more than adequate to run the existing versions of CompleteView comfortably. With the added features of versions 7 and newer, however, 8GB is insufficient to satisfactorily run all components of CompleteView (Management Server, Recording Server, Desktop Client) concurrently and act as an integrated switch on the same machine at the same time.

The RED3 family was not intended to be user-serviceable and Salient does not offer hardware upgrades such as RAM or HDDs for those servers. Consequently, running CompleteView version 7 on any member of the RED3 family of servers is not supported.

Affected Products:

  • RED3 8 Port
  • RED3 16 Port
  • RED3 24 Port
  • eXtreme 8

Unaffected Products:

PowerProtect Servers


Refresh the hardware platform in order to run CompleteView version 7 or newer.


Contact your RSM for hardware refresh options. For more information, contact Salient support

at 1-844-725-4368 or support@salientsys.com.

Learn more by clicking the link below or downloading.

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